Web Design

Dreamweaver: Sites and Templates


Using templates makes web design so much easier. From one page you can create an entire site of unlimited pages quickly and efficiently.

But for your templates to work, you first need to be working in a site.


Your webpage is a collection of files (images, flash, video etc) linked to your page. Organising these files is critical to the sucess of your design.

To better organise your files, and to ensure your links work properly, you need to create a site to put your files in.

Site > New Site


Templates will only work inside a site. To create a template:

  1. first design your page.
  2. Select the area you wish to make editable
  3. Insert > Template Objects > Editable Region
  4. File > Save As Template

Your template will be saved in the template folder. To make a new page from this template, just File > New > Page from Template