Changchun Timelapse Photography

changchun timelapse


Original ariticle on Changchunlive can be found here

This is some timelapse photography, taken around Changchun between 2014 - 2016. 

  1. I used a Cannon EOS taking RAW photos.
  2. Magic Lantern was installed on my camera to take the time lapse footage
  3. Photos were then edited in photoshop using Topaz
  4. After Effects was used to create the movie scenes
  5. Final movie collated in iMovie. This was also where I stabilised the images
  6. Soundtrack made using Garage Band. Youtube wrote to me saying "CD Baby" owned the rights to my music. Not a serious problem, but I've contested the claim - this is my first soundtrack, and I'm proud of it!

Some tips for anyone doing timelapse;

  • Shorter times between shots is better, maybe 4 seconds between shots. My original SD card in the camera couldn't do this, so I had to buy a faster (expensive) card.
  • Windy days are good for clouds, but will move your camera around (even slightly). Some nice bystander gave me the suggestion to use the hook on my tripod to "weigh down" my camera.
  • Use a slower shutter speed. This will help with the pedestrians who keep popping up in the movie. 

Here is my tuturial for batch automation

Here is my tutorial for importing image sequences into After Effects