EFL Level One: Prepared Speech




EFL Level One: Prepared Speech

This is the second speech of Unit One. The students choose a topic from a hat. A list of topics I used can be found here. (Note: Time travel was a difficult concept for a lot of the students, and they didn't like the talk "If my teacher visited my hometown")

The students needed to break their speech down using this Graphic Organiser. They needed to include:

  • Introduction (20 seconds)
  • Three points (3 x 20 seconds)
  • A counter point (20 seconds)
  • Conclusion (20 seconds)

The length of the talks were 2-3 minutes, with most students easily making the two minute mark. 

The focus on this speech was on structure, not pronunciation or grammar. Emphasis during modelling was on breaking the speech down into 20 second segments. (Two minutes was the minimum length of time). Breaking the speech down into a series of six, 20 second segments made the speech less threatening, and approachable. Introductions and conclusions still needed work, but they will be worked on in a later class.