EFL Level Two: Prepared Speeches



Following a similar procedure to level one, but this time introducing a relevant personal story, and more details in the points.

  • Introduction
  • Point One
  • Point Two
  • Point Three
  • Counter Point
  • Conclusion

The graphic organiser given to the students is the same from level one.

New discussion topics can be found here. Not all of these topics were well received, and the students found these topics more difficult than level one. But overall they did find them more interesting though, and allowed them to give a personal opinion.

At this level, most students are talking comfortably for 2.5 minutes.

The personal story worked very well in the speech. There are 23 students in this class, so there’s little time to get to know the students. The students also found it easier to talk without notes about themselves, though it should be highlighted that the stories must be relevant to the topic.

A checklist was also created to help reinforce the speech’s requirements

No work has been done preparing the conclusion just yet, but by the end of this unit, students should be capable of constructing a three minute speech using a structured process. By level 3 the aim is to improve pronunciation, grammar and speech giving techniques (including body language)