Page Layout

Page Layout: Wk 03 Layout Using Golden Mean Grid (1:1.618) Pt 1


Using a Golden Mean Grid (1:1.610) for Layout


Make a new document. Set page to A4, units: centermetres (cm)


[Ctl + R] Rulers

[Ctl + U] View > Smart Guides

Create an A4 size rectangle on your page

Change your reference point from the middle, to top left corner


Start > Programs > Acessories > Calculator (or use your mobile phone's calculator)

pl_03_gm4Divide your rectangle's height to the golden mean

29.7 x .618 = 18.4

Input this number (18.4) into the rectangles height.


Create a new rectangle in the space below. Divide this rectangles width by the golden mean.

21 x .618 = 12.9

Change your reference point to the middle right side, and input 12.9 into the width


Create a new rectangle over your second rectangle (or copy > paste in front). Change the reference point to the middle bottom. Divide this rectangles height by the golden mean. Input 6.9 into the height.

11.3 x .618 = 6.9


Create a new rectange above this rectangle. Keep the reference point at the middle bottom. Divide this rectangles height.

4.4 x .618 = 2.7

Your layout should look similiar to the image below:



Select the rectangles

[Ctl + A] Select All

[Ctl + 5] View > Guides > Make Guides

Make sure your guides are locked

View > Guides > Lock Guides

Import one image and the headline, sub-head and text from last week.


Scale the image to fit the top area

[Ctl + 7] Object > Mask > Make

Select the headline text.

[Ctl + T] Window > Type > Character

Change this to:

Bodoni MT 56pts


Select the sub-head text and change it to:

Gill Sans MT bold

14/29.2 pts

Change the colour by selecting a colour from the image

Select the body text and change it to:

Gill Sans MT regular

11pts / auto


[Ctl + ;] Show/Hide Guides to view your final work.


Create two A4 layouts using a golden mean grid.

1. Use 1-2 images in your layout

2 Use 2-3 images in your layout

Print these layouts before the start of next weeks class