Page Layout

Page Layout: Wk 02 Layout using 6x6 Grid


Week 2 Layout using grid.

Last week a layout was made. It looked good, but did not have structure. This week a layout using a grid will be made.

Using a grid will help you organise your page. The grid will make order out of chaos.

Create an A4 page in Illustrator. Set units to centremeters.


[Ctl + R] View > Show > Rulers

Object > Path > Split into Grids.

Choose 6 columns, and 6 rows. Change gutter size to suit (I used .3mm)

Make sure 'Add Guides' box is checked.



[[Ctl + ;] View > Guildes

[Ctl + alt + ;] View > Guides > Lock Guides

Use the 'shift' key to select two shapes

[Ctl + 7] Object > Mask > Make Mask

[Ctl + alt + 7] Object > Mask > Release Mask

Use the 'Direct select' (white arrow) tool to select obects within the group to modify.

[Ctl + shift + ], Ctl + shift + [ ] send to front/back

Class project

Create 2 A4 Layouts using a 6x6 grid. Print these layouts on one A3 paper