3D Maya 07: Polygon Model Making - Body, Feet and Arms

This is a series of videos on making a simple biped character using polygons. Press the 'Read More' button for videos


3D Maya Model making Part 1

Creating the torso, starting with a cylinder polygon. Use 'x' to create from center. Make model subdivisions 8 axis, 5 heigh, 0 caps.

Delete caps and model body. Extrude a bottom edge (using global extrude) and merge vertex to create hole for leg. shape the leg hole to shape of square, then extrude. Scale to even edge. Extrude to knee and ankle.

Part 2 Arms and Feet


Extrude (using global extrude) to create the foot. You will need to mesh fill hole at the bottom of the foot.

For the arm, edit mesh split polygon tool. Create a diamond and delete the two triangles created. Extrude and scale.

Edit duplicate special and scale on the x-axis -1
Mesh Combine
Edit mesh merge

Part 3 will come soon - either hands or head