What is Design?

This is only my personal definition of design. It is not to be read as an absolute truth, just a point of view to be agreed or disagreed with.

To design is to plan and construct
Design is the process of  creating art
Design is a process, of which it’s also a part:

Definition of the word Design, and the history of its use. Taken from the Greater Oxford Dictionary:

15th-16th French: Purpose, intention or determination
16th C draught, model, plot, picture, portrait

I A mental plan

1 a A plan or scheme conceived in the mind and intended for subsequent execution; the preliminary conception of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action; a project
1593 What the law of God hath, either for or against our designs
1596 By counterfet disguise to their design to make the easier way
1625 The Emperor undertaketh no high design with his approvement
1738 Why do the Jews and Gentiles join to execute a vain design?
1843 What inexhaustive springs of public wealth the vast design required
1848 Grey…had concurred in the design of insurrection

b A scheme formed to the detriment of another; a lan or purpose of attack upon or…
1704 A sedate, setted design upon another man’s life
1794 To be in love, now, is only to have a design upon a woman, a modish way of declaring war against her virtue
1848 It was thought necessary to relingquish the design on Bristol
1858 He had no design on your pocket

2 In weaker sense: Purpose, aim, intention.
1588 Thine in the dearest design of industry
1594 That it may please you leave these sad designs to him that hath most cause to be a mourner
1659 They who ask relief, have one design, and he who gives it another
1697 He…demands on what design the boys had bound his hands.
1734 With design to besiege it
1736 The design of this chapter is to inquire, how far this is the case
1792 They extended an elephants hide, tanned and prepared for the design, across the summit of the tower
1866 My design had been to go at once to London

b Intention to go
1725 My design was to the north part of the island

c by design; on purpose, purposely, intentionally
1628 The man being upon design gone..into sanctuary
1650 On design to extirpate all the smiths in Israel
1665 Either out of design, or simplicity
1715 I have, on design, avoided all laboured periods
1867 William, whether by accident or by design, was not admitted

3 Of names, signs, etc To signify, stand for
1627 The numeral…then designeth so many hundred thousand
1631 A few lines of ciphers will design…that number
1642 Names which did design temporary offices

4 To appoint to office, function, or position; to designate, nominate.
1596 The priest was designed over the penitents in the eureie church
1607 A perpetual and unquenchable fire, for the watching wereof, were dogs designed
1611 Where election designeth the successor
1649 The commission…in which he is designed lieutaenant
1668 When you designed your man to court her in your shape
1701 Great, just andmercifu, such as mankind would have designed a king

5 To appoint or assign (something to a person); to make over, bestow, grant, give
1572 They have appointed, marked, and designed the said manse, with foure acres…to the use of the minister…
1592 Three kinds of life to her designed be
1608 Afterwards when Michal was designed to him
1650-60 He is the challenged and justly may design the way of fighting
1651 Designing unto Musculus one of the principallest churches
1681 The spirits name which he designed her was Locas.
1784 Nature…when she formed, designed them an abode
1864 The minister of Dalgety in 1862…stating…that in terms of the Act …he was entitled to have grass designed to him for the support of a horse
1663 he was entitled to have grass designed to him for the support of a horse…and praying the Presbytery to make the necessary designation accordingly.

6 Hence, with mixture of 11, and ultimately fusing with 10: To set apart in thought for the use of advantage of some one; to intend to bestow or give
1664 This worthless Present ws designed you, long before it was a Play
1666 Their mounting shot is on our sails designed: deep in thri hulls our deadly bullets light
1673 Trear designs the place to Orrery, bu I am confident it will never be
1701 I fully designed you a vist
1725 What present I had designed for her
1883 Hearing what favours were designed for his boy
1861 These fragments are designed for the German, rather than English reader

7 To appoint, destine, devote (a thing or person) to fate or purpose. Now merged in 10
1593 Because I am Christ the just, therefore you will design me to the Cross
1623 The well built city, not long since designed to spoil and rapine
1662 The Duke…designed in his will 10,000 guilders…to alter what he had built amisse
1691 Neither yet need those who are designed to divinity itself fear to look into these studies
1747 The goods designed as a present to the Indians

II To plan, purpose, intend

8 To form a plan or scheme of; to conceive and arrange in the mind; to originate mentally, plan out, contrive
1548 When all thing was ready, according as he designed
1594 The matters which they design and work with much wisdom
1647 That he should begin his journey…so unfit for travel…if his going away ws designed  the day before
1682 If the enemy….should design and plot our ruin
1795 Eternal wisdom deals or peace to man or misery, for his good alike designed
1812 He can suspend the laws himself designed

9 In weaker sense: To purpose, intend, mean.
1660 I design no more than to demonstrate that
1701And yet he really designs no worong
1830 designed inviting great artists to England

b with inf. phr
1655-60 Great Queens, f you are designed to speak to mortals, make me acquainted with your rumbling voice.
1678 How does the devil know what was that I designed to do?
1724 I deisgn to go with you
1874 Those objects which we design to bequeath to posterity

c with subordinate clause as object
1704 A proclamation, that she deisgned her smiles should no more fall on the unworthy
1715 I did not design you should have heard

10 With complement: b To purpose or intend (a thing) to be or do (something); to mean (a thing) to serve some purpose or fulfil some plan
1703 So far as you deisgn the balcony to project
1713 Other creatures, than what our nature and gods designed us.
1733 The wood-walk, which I deisgned a labrynth, is almost finished
1779 I have glazed the two frames, designed to receive my pine plants
1802 With one…kick, designed to express his contempt
1860 The emporers designed it to be a general council

1700 You are not for obscurity designed, but, like the sun, must cheer all human kind
1746 A pewter teapot, but I believe it was designed for silver
1756 Ask of politicians the end for which laws were originally designed; and they wil answer, that the laws were designed as a protection for the por and weak.
1766 The morning I deisgned for our departure
1882 The palace which Somerset designed for this splendid sight

11 To have purposes or intentions (of a specified kind)
1749 To persuade the mother…that you designed honorably

12 To have in view, contemplate
1677 Before he came to subject, itself which he designs
1784 So I, designing other themes, and called to adorn the sofa…
1877 Tell him that his natural enemies are not designed in the promise

13 To intend to go or start; to be bound for (a place)
1644 within sigh of Tours where we were designed for the rest of the time
1684 The question…when I design for Stratton
1688 They design to Bristol, but will take Exeter…in the way
1691 Ships…designed on long voyages
1712 From Guam we design for Batavia
1819 This convinced them all that the king designed for France
1823 On the succeeding day we were designed for Amboise
1845 The new Lord…had at first designed for Munstar

b To intend to start upon a certain course; to mean to enter upon a pursuit
1694 And if he designs for Law, tis high time to begin

III To Sketch, delineate, draw; to fashion artistically

a To make a sketch of (an object or scene); to sketch, draw
b To trace the outline of, delineate

1635 The Prophet God in learned dust designs the immortal solid rules of fancy lines
1638 A good invention well designed and seasonably colured
1644 The prospect was so tempting that I designed it with my crayon
1699 they have designed…a universal map
1782 Designing, painting…and describing every fish
1879 The monstrous ribs and gullies of the mountain were faintly designed in the moonshine

c  To make the preliminary sketch of (a work of art, a picture, statue, ornamental fabric etc); To make the plans and drawings necessary for the construction of (a building, ship, machine etc) which the workmen have to follow out
1697 Mr Morelli, who both designs and engraves the medals
1700 the prince designs the new elected seat, and draws the lines
1743 In consideration of his designing…the new building
1893 To design and superintend the construction of the docks in question

15 To plan and execute (a structure, work of art etc); to fashion with artistic skill or decorative device’ to furnish or adorn with a design
1666 The weaver was charmed with what his loom designed
1697 four hallowed alters we design
1703 However my face is very prettily designed today
1853 Did Christians…design its statues and its frescoes
1865 The Roman bridges were designed on the same grand scale as their acqueducts
1874 A lady summons him…to design a robe wich she is embroidering

16 a To trace the outline of a figure or form; to put a graphic representation on paper, canvas etc; to draw, sketch

b To form or fashion a work of art; in a narrower sense, to form decorative figures, devise artistic patterns
1662 Unless he that copies, design perfectly himself
1665 One he knew could both design and copy well
1854 A painter designs when he chooses some things, refuses others, and arranges all
1885 She…began to design and to paint with delicacy, taste , and truth